The Next Project

A couple of days ago i cleaned out our linen closet and gave it a nice update. Transforming our linen closet made me want to freshen up our bathroom. We've completed a bathroom few updates since moving into our home two years ago. Here's what we have done so far: New faucet, bathroom hardware, painted the cabinet dark brown, new mirror and new shower curtain, fresh paint. With all those new additions are bathroom still remained BLAH. Our main objective for our bathroom is Color!  Here's our BLAH bathroom.

 Mr. CLH and I began working on our plan to give our bathroom a mini update a major one is still far off into the future. We want to paint the bathroom a soothing color add shelving and make the bathroom feel fresh. The shelf we currently have is hollow and can only hold a few items not very practical. While I like our current white waffle weave shower curtain, I'm thinking our small bathroom could use a dose of color with a new shower curtain. We plan on completing our bathroom update on a budget. Our budget spend less than $100 bucks. We plan on keeping what works and mixing in new items.

Bathroom Wants: New Shower Curtain? New Wall Color, Bathroom Hooks for Towels, Shelves, DIY Art Work, Bath Mat, Shampoo Holder, and new light bulbs!

We hope by layering in more color in our small bathroom, the small space will feel fresh airy and larger. I'm going to start looking at paint samples and shower curtains this weekend and will keep you posted on our progress

What's next on your project list?