Oh Baby: Diaper Bag Edition

Warning: Reading this Edition of 'Oh Baby' may want some of your ladies with or without little ones running out and buying yourself a fabulous bag that just so happens to be designated a diaper bag

But first things first with our oldest and only child being 10 years old, I hadn't looked at diaper bags in years. Back then it was slim pickings either you carried around a Winnie the Po bag { nothing wrong with Winnie the Po, but I'm an adult! lol } or a dumpy bag you came across in the travel section. So I was floored by all the new options new mommies have now. In many ways I feel like a new mommy when it comes to shopping for our new addition, in my opinion everything is so chic now. I decided to set myself a baby bag budget, after all its its easy to get carried away and spend upwards to $300 bucks on a diaper bag, and trust me I was tempted. But I quickly realized the bag has purpose and will be used to carry: diapers, bottles, changes of clothes, blankets, snacks (for momma and eventually baby) it will also be spit up on, drooled on and maybe even thrown up on. After all babies are adorable but unpredictable. 

My baby bag budget was $ 60 bucks. I knew I wanted a large bag that was stylish, wipe-able and not to far off from my current style of purses. Before sharing what bag I ended up and sharing how much I spent. I thought it would be fun to share all the cute options new mamma's out their now have. 

Diaper Bag One: From Tumi & Leslie Bag for $ 149.99 available at Buy Buy Baby it comes in 3 other colors and its a nice bag. I fell in love with the bag while browsing at the stores.
Damper bag Two: From Ikabag via Esty Mimosa Grey for $ 59.00. I think the bright pattern on this bag so cute!
Diaper Bag Three: From JJ Cole Mode Diaper Bag for $ 59.95 available at Target. Super cute bag, the modern print is darling.
Diaper Bag Four: From  Graco Quilted Tall Duffle for $ 30.00 from Wal-Mart. The bags looks stylish and its very affordable.
Diaper Bag Five: From Skip Hop Dash Deluxe for $ 49.77 at Amazon with Free Shipping. Skip Hop makes great bags that are both cute and roomy. This bag is available in 9 more colors!
Diaper Bag Six: From Kate Spade called Stevie Splodge Dot for $ 394.99 also available at Buy Buy Baby
Diaper Bag Seven: From Petunia Pickle Bottom Peacful Portofino  for $ 168 at Amazon.com. This bag is super cute, more like a back back, I love how the front folds out to a changing pad. 

After spending way too much time looking for a diaper bag, I finally found one that's both stylish, practical and cute. I bought the Skip Hop Versa Bag in Black from Amazon.com. I went over my allotted budget and spent $ 70.00 on the bag, but I did get free shipping! Here's the stylish bag

I think the pretty 'mom' holding the darling girl helped me think about my baby and I hanging out on play dates :)

 Even though I still secretly still lust over the Tumi & Leslie bag, I'm very pleased with my diaper bag! I like that the material is wipe-able and the zipper in the center can make the bag larger or smalled. I also like that the zippers don't blend into the fabric. Here's my bag in person

It my sound silly but I love the pop of color on the inside my my diaper bag! The fabric inside is a pretty of aqua.

Would you splurge on a dream diaper bag or make a diaper bag budget like I did? For those of you with older kids, what did your diaper back look like?