Little Linen Closet - Before & After

Up until a few days ago, our open linen closet was a HOT MESS. I've had thoughts of an organized linen closet for a few months, before it got out of hand. I got tired of walking by it looking all crazy, so I decided to go though all the junk and create a pretty & organized closet. When we first moved into our house the linen closet had ugly cheap doors on the front that didn't even stay shut. I took off the doors to create a more open looks in the tiny space. I'm being very generous by calling the space linen closet its really a nook in our hallway. I found two nice woven baskets at Marshall's for $ 14.99 and that's were the update stopped. Our linen closet has pretty much looked liked this for the past few months, a junk holder.

Yup, this is how the closet really looked liked { keeping it real }

Junk junk and more junk

First I pulled out the bins and went thought all my products, I'm a hair product chick. So it took me a while to part ways with products I haven't used in forever! lol I also moved the small white basket that holds our dogs food and treats and placed in in out kitchen instead. No more walking to the hallway for Mojo's food. After emptying all the shelves and I decided to repaint the inside of the cabinets glossy white and the trim white too. Next I wanted to make each shelf look thick and more custom, so Mr CLH house cut pieces of MDF board from me. Then I used wood glue and blue tape to keep the trim piece in place until it dried. Then filled any minor gap with caulk and painted the trim. Adding the new trim gave the space a sleek look. Here's how the closet looked with new trim / before being painting.

It was extremly hard to take good pictures of this little nook, the space is in our hallway right next to our sons bedroom. Here's how little linen closet now organized and fresh. It looks so much better if I do say so myslef.

I decided to only use one large storage basket for products and placed the loose products in clear plastic bins. The other larger basket I used to hold towels. To create more space in the basket I rolled the towels. Which made the basket look more spa-like. The very top shelf holds extra tolit paper.

I placed our extra stock of cotton balls & q-tips in left over vases from our wedding. I used a wicker vase that was sitting in our dining room and placed extra bars of soup inside. The white box holds medicene, band aides and viatmins free up precious space in our bathroom.

All of our hand towels and bed linens are stored in our coat closet, which also mis-matched towels etc. 

I'm so glad this proejct is complete! The project only closet a few dollars to complte { the box } we had everthing else on hand. How do you like our linen closet makover? How do you keep your linen closet organized.