Quick Update with Spray Paint

By now I'm sure you all know I love the color yellow, its in pops all over our living room. from pillows I've bought, to pillows I've sewn, to a lemon drop tray I updated with fabric and paint and art. By far out of all the pops of yellow we have in our living room, I adore our yellow candlesticks in our bookshelf. Those candlesticks didn't always pop, they were a cheap find at our local Salvation Army. Again I scored these on a 50% off day, only $ .99 cents for the pair.

I personally don't like to spray paint { when I do, I get cracks, runs all types of issues, no matter what I do } so I had my husband do this project. First he used primer which hides all the flowers etc. and creates a nice smooth base.  After allowing the paint to dry, he painted the candlesticks a bright glossy yellow.

The candlesticks have such a nice smooth glossy finish, I really like how spray paint shines on ceramic items. It took about 3 coats of spray to get a thick coat of yellow.

Did you notice my candlesticks changed shape? Take a second look, yep the original ones above fell to the ground after the 1st coat of yellow paint! So I had to spend another $ .99 cents on the ones above and perform the same update! lol I like the new pair of candlesticks better, then the ones I originally bought. Go figure. Quick budget breakdown, $ 4.98 for the pair - I bought a can of yellow spray paint for $ 3.99 and the candlesticks were only $ .99!!

Are you a huge fan of spray paint for quick updates? Any tips on getting a nice smooth glossy coat? Or are you like me, can't get a nice smooth coat when suing spray paint?