Dail V for Vintage

I wanted a fun phone to replace our barley used land line phone in our kitchen, I mean we never use the phone Ever. We don't even have call waiting on our house phone, so I thought a vintage phone would look cool and be fun. E-bay answered my phone wants: cute phone to sit on the counter, vintage, rotary and fun color & must able to plug into the phone jack.

I found so many great vintage phones on Ebay. When I first started looking I thought I wanted rotary wall phone. Then quickly realized we don't have much wall room in our kitchen wall once we install subway tile { in the future} . After looking though all the phones, I quickly fell in love with a the perfect vintage rotary phone.

Here's my vintage phone, its a Yellow Princess phone from the early 1970's. I absolutely love the phone and bought the phone from the parents of the original owner.

The phone was used by her daughter and sat in the hall closet for the last 25 years. It's in perfect condition, their daughter lost the original yellow cord and they replaced it with the white cord { 25 years ago } I actually like the yellow phone with the white cord. The phone dial on phone lights up at night, when it makes/receives phone calls. 

What ever angle I look at the phone I love it. Last night it was fun to teach my son how to make calls on the phone. When I was really little around 5 we lived in the country and a had an old hanging kitchen wall phone but it had bottoms. I remember my grandma & grandpa had a rotary phone, I loved playing with it.

I love the glossy look of the phone and its weight, it has a nice heavy feel to it. The coolest thing about our princess phone is the ring. It's has a vintage ring...brrring brrring.  I think our bedroom might be in need of a princess phone too! Love it!

What do you think of our new { to us } Princess Phone, isn't it darling? Are you a fan of vintage phones? or do you prefer newer more modern phones?