Bring the Outside In

I always love having fresh flowers in our living room and dining from our rose bushes, but sometimes my rose bushes I neglected dead heading for two months! are kind for sad, instead of spending some extra money on flowers for our house, I decided to snip some from the trees and bushes around our house. I did this a few months back when the cherry blossoms were blooming, and they looked stunning.

I grabbed my pruning scissors I snipped a few branches from our big tree in our front yard and some bushes on the side our house. Before bringing the branches inside I washed them in our garage sink to remove any bugs. In the past I've made the mistake of bringing roses in the house before cleaning them outside and seen a bug of two crawl out of the bud. Yucky and freaky, take my advice, rinse them outside and then bring them in!

I cut two long branches for our extra large vase in our dining room. I love the simplicity of the large vase on our dark stained table. It makes a nice statement.

For our living room a few cut branches for a bush for a simple look in the glass vase. I paired the vase with my favorite 'go-to' white vase bought at Crate & Barrel. I simple succulent plant in case square plant holder make a nice trio.

Yesterday it was an extremely hot day well over 105 degrees, yet my house was all nice and shaded thanks to our tree. So getting a good shot without using flash was nearly impossible for me. I mixed in leftover short tree branches from the dining room arrangement with bush branches. The green branches complement our yellow tray, I placed on top of the side table. 

This is my way of enjoying the pretty greenery inside our house while avoiding  the 100+ degree weather we've been experiencing outside for the past few days. How do you bring the outside, into the inside of your home?