Artful Updates { Part Two } Project Done

Last week I shared two pieces of art at Mr CLH & I found on the cheap at our local Salvation Army for only $ 2.50 each! We scored them at a 50% off everything sale. As I mentioned last week we planned on updating each piece of art work with new custom mattes and glossy paint on the already nice frames. I ordered custom mattes from Micheal's, which breathed new life into each print. It's amazing what the right paint and frame color can do to a print!

After we changed out the old mattes, I attached new backing to the frames using heavy construction paper and also attached new hanging hardware.

Here's a reminder of how the 'Bird Print' looked before updating the print.

Here's a close up reminder of how the faux matte cheapen the look of the print.

Here's our 'Bird Print' now. I'm always amazed by the power of paint! The frame is now painted a glossy white and the new matte, helps create more balance. Now instead of your eyes being drawn to the dark frame and then maybe the print, they go directly to the print. This print will hang either on our dining room or bathroom. Mr CLH is still not a huge fan of the print, but he loves the white frame and matte.

Next up, a reminder of how the 'Trees' print looked when we bought it home, I'm still amazed we paid only $ 2.50 for this 22x19 inch print! Remember this print was already custom framed, however it really need updating. The yellow mustard matte really took away the beauty and simpleness of the print.

Here's our print now. I painted the frame a glossy bright white and went with a dark grey matte to enhance the black and white print. I love how this artful update turned out, its a breath of fresh air.

We plan on hanging the 'Trees' print at the end of our hallway. Once both pictures are up, I'll share new pictures of them. I know everyone loves a good cost breakdown, here's how ours added up.

Project Break Down:

Bird Print $ 2.50 
Custom Matte $ 5.20
Construction Paper $ .97 (for back of artwork)
White Glossy Paint & Caulk - n/a had both on hand. I used the caulk to fill in the seams
Picture Hardware: n/a had on hand

Trees Print $ 2.50
Custom Matte: $ 6.00
White Glossy Paint & Caulk - n/a had both on hand
Construction Paper $ .97 (for back of artwork)
Picture Hardware: n/a had on hand

Total cost $ 18.14 not including tax

The biggest cost of our update were the custom mattes from Micheal's, which were a steal!! I brought each frame in with the picture inside and they did all the measuring for the frames. I picked out the matte colors and they mattes were cut within 24hrs. I loved the quick turn around the affordable price! Custom mattes are a great way to enhance artwork of pictures. I'll be starting my sons room soon, so he can have a new room for entering 5th grade and for just becoming a tween. I'm sure I'll be order more custom mattes to display his own artwork in his room.

So what do you think of our updates? Remember next time your in a thrift store look at the artwork you may uncover a pretty piece of art that just needs a little updating.