Lemon Drop Tray

I was shopping at Goodwill last weekend, when I came across a beat up tray marked down to 2.99 it was 5.99. I had been on the lookout for a great simple tray. I knew it  look great in our living room and would have many uses; from holding, flowers and candles t keeping my books looking cute stacked on our wicker storage basket.

Here's my tray before, it was dirty, banged up and had nicked paint. However, I could see all its potential.

My tray now. I wanted the tray to pop where ever it was in our living room, so I painted the tray a bright cheery yellow.  

Here's what I did.

First I cleaned the wood tray with a mild hand soap and a damp rag. I let the tray dry and then cleaned the glass with window cleaner (the glass was glued to the wood, so I didn't try and remove it) Next I removed the picture matte.

Then I lightly sanded the tray and primed it with Zisser Primer using a sponge brush. I used a sponge brush to apply the primer because they are cheap and can be tossed, less cleanup! I allowed the primer to dry for two hours and then lightly sanded the tray and then applied a second coat of primer.

First coat of primer applied

Next applied my first coat of yellow paint to the tray and allowed the tray to dry for 24 hours before applying the next coat. I applied three coats of paint allowing each coat to dry 24 hours before apply the next coat.
Pop of yellow

I wanted my tray to be super glossy so I applied two coats of poly to the tray, allowing 24 hours between each coat and light sanded between the coats. The tray now is super glossy.

Do you recognize the fabric inside the tray? I used left over fabric from the lumbar pillows I made for our chairs in our living room. I thought it would be the perfect addition under the glass. I ironed the fabric then cut the fabric to the size of the glass and attached double side tape to the board that goes under the tray. I didn't want to use adhesive spray, just in case I come across other fabric in the future and easy way to change the look of the tray.

It was a simple diy project that's made a cute addition to our living room and the price can't be beat!

Cost Breakdown

Tray $ 2.99
Sample Paint Valspar $ 2.99
Key West Fabric - n/a had on hand
Poly - n/a had on hand
Primer - n/a had on hand

Total Cost $ 5.98

Remember, next time your in a thrift store or see a tray on clearance, think of what you could transform in into for your house. What do you think of my little lemon drop tray, isn't it a cute addition to our living room? Do you use trays in your home?