Getting My Knit On

Remember when I said I wanted to learn how to knit and make pillow covers for the winter months, and blankets and scarfs. Over the weekend my sister and I stopped in Micheal's looking for supplies for me. I came across one book that came with all the go to knitting supplies and I picked up some pretty light putty yarn that complimented our living room (for a throw?) Well the book sucked, it had crappy hand draw pictures with no color and no left handed tips (since I'm a lefty). I quickly returned it and came across a small pamphlet book called 'Knitting Made Easy' and picked up two sets of knitting needles on clearance for $0.99 each! I mentioned to one of my friends that I really wanted to knit, and guess what she used to knit! She's going to teach my the basis and how to read patterns. Jamie Lee from Starting Out Savvy, suggested I check out You Tube for how to Knit Videos, I've checked out some amazing videos already.

I love this color yarns its a soft putty color, even though the photo appears more off white then what it really is.

After I came across this photo in one of my favorite shelter magazines, I kicked my learning how to knit into high gear. My living room needs a knitted pouf! I've seen a similar knitted pouf from CB2 which I love but its the wrong color. I started searching for knitted pouf instructions and came a across one! I'm so making this. I've even spied some amazing yarn that will be perfect for a pouf.

The diy version looks the same as the store bought version above

Hopefully next knitting updated I'll be finishing up my throw and getting reading to knit my pouf. I'm in love with the pouf, could you see a knitted pouf in one of your rooms in your home?