Tag ~ I'm It!

I was just tagged by the always sweet Meg over at House Notes, who's tagged me to play a game for blog tag. By the way, its Meg and her husbands first anniversary, so she's doing a wedding week on her blog! Make sure you read of oh so sweet engagement story she just wrote about.

Game Blog Tag

The rules of the game: show off your first blog post and then jump to your sixth blog post. Which for me is a scary, you'll get to re-visit a few out of focus pictures!

My first blog post is about introducing Chic Little house - but eek I didn't post any pictures. So we are skipping ahead to day one, how our house looked when we first moved in a few days after January 1, 2009.

Here's my house in January 2009. I know its looks like a sad little rancher with way too much peach peeling paint and a lopsided brick flower bed and a lawn full of weeds. But we saw all the potential.

Here's our home now. For a complete rundown of all the work we've completed to the outside of our house visit our House Tour

My sixth post is full of blurry shots of Mr. CLH and I cleaning and painting our once drab living room. Our poor original 1956 wood floors before we cleaned the heck out of them.

We used a bunch of thick painting paper to keep our floors safe from dripping primer and paint splatter. It's funny looking back we painted the messy way. Now we paint so much cleaner.

My husband priming the ugly greenish walls in our living room.

Of course our living room has come along way sine moving in, we have painted all our baseboards, updated our entry way, painted our living room added art etc. In fact a few weeks ago, I repaint our living room. Wanna see more living room pictures? Please Click here

Now it's my turn to tag ten people, Tag your it!

{ trying to tag ones, who haven't been tagged }

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PS: I have so many projects to share this week, we tackled a bunch over the weekend