Master Bedroom Update

I know its been months since I've mentioned my master bedroom redo. I'm still working on it and will start taking in progress shots soon (like this week, crossing fingers). I have a few projects to complete over the next few weeks, that will really (hopefully) transform our bedroom into a private but tiny getaway.

Here's a before picture of our bedroom, this isn't a true before picture. We actually painted the room late last summer, and I didn't any pictures that I can find. Regardless you'll easily be able to tell my room is DRAB! { don't judge me - lol }

Our one and only bedroom window, we have some couple of shady trees outside our window. We plan on trimming a few branches back to let more light in.

Gratuitous dog shot.

Our TV stand, lol - Actually were are suing a coffee table for the moment!

I do have a couple of things to share, one a pretty curvy mirror I found at Goodwill for $10.00. I love its lines and know paint will make the detail in the frame pop. It's also incredibly heavy.

Our new curvy lamps that rest upon our new nightstands

Here's a reminder or my plans for our master bedroom { part one & part two } , and the layout options we are considering. Do you have any projects you working on that are taking months to complete, like me?

EDIT: I forgot to link our Craigslist dresser we got for a steal for our bedroom!