Prime Time

I’m finally starting on our Dining Room Redo. The first thing was to pick a paint color. We decided to go Woodrow Wilson Putty by Valspar; it’s the same we used in our bathroom and we love how it looks even though there’s only a tiny bit of light in there. I think the color will look even better in our dining room since we get so much sun in there.

Last night I cleaned and primed the walls and baseboards. I strange thing happened while I was priming; it looked like I pushed the walls of the dining room OUT. My dining room literally grew in size from the white primer. I was floored! Our dining room was painted a buttery off white, who knew that color would make our dining room appear so small.

I finished painting the walls this afternoon after I got home from watching The Twilight Saga: New Moon (loved the movie) with my mom. Our dining room now looks fresh and open. Up Next painting the baseboards and bringing in furniture and much more.