Keep it Level

One of my biggest pet peeves is hanging pictures straight. For me getting pictures to hang level is one of my biggest challenges, I second guess myself when our little level says everything fine. For the longest time we used a simple small 12 inch level got us along just fine while we loved in an apartment. But hanging anything like floating shelves that hidden brackets more 12 inches apart creates a problem.Prefect to mark holes

Last night while Mr. CHL and I were at Wal-Mart I stopped in the tools clearance section. I'm always looking for a good deal! I came a across a clearance level that is special. Yes levels can be special! This level is made from Black & Decker it’s called the Accu Mark Gecko Grip - say that three times fast. The first thing I love about this level is the size its 36 inches - long that's three feet of creating a perfect line. It has a great level mark, where you can make perfect mark the surface where you’re hanging. There have been so many times I've made a mark to hang something, only to find out one side is not frustrating.

Another great feature I like about this level is the grip assists, you longer have to worry about a level scraping your painted walls. My husband and I went to pay for our item and found out the level was on clearance for $16.00 great price (there was no price on the level). Levels that size are easily $24 and up.

We debated whether or not we should buy the laser level, but decided against it, we didn't want to worry about replacement batteries or it getting lost (they are the size of tape measures, which always get lost in our home).

We have a few hanging projects to do this weekend, I can’t wait to sue this special level, and take action shots of us hanging up some great buys I found to spruce up our entryway.

So many uses