Furniture Reincarnation

I believe in furniture reincarnation, finding a piece of furniture and re-doing to compliment your home. I bought a small piano bench from an antique store years ago, since I've owned it has had several reincarnations. It's past lives include: a bench at the foot of my bed, chair to sit on for my vanity, a dumping spot for clothes and much more

When I first bought the bench it had its original green flowered print upholstery. I recovered the bench with a purple flower satin fabric and purple cord. So my style in 2003 - I love the color purple, just longer on my furniture or bedding.

Here's a picture of the piano stand today. I love the legs on the bench there so detailed and pretty. The back of the piano stand has a delicate scroll design.

The latest reincarnation I want complete for my little piano bench, will bench a sitting bench for my bedroom. I want to use the bench to sit on while I get dressed in the morning. I plan on painting the bench white or grey and recovering it with a nice modern print fabric.

I went shopping at Calico Corners on Sunday and fell in love with a few prints that will look perfect in our master bedroom. If you never been to Calico Corners, it's a great place to find amazing fabrics. The fabrics are a little pricer but they have a amazing selection.

Here's a few fabrics I have in mind, I'm thinking a fabric in the light blue family or grey family. As I said the fabric is pricer, but I only need 1/2 a yard so that helps alot. The one downside about the fabric is it's cut to order, but they offer free shipping. I'm going to order the fabric this week, I also found amazing fabric to make pillow covers for my living room couch pillows. Can't wait to share.

This is pretty damask print, very pretty

I love the geometrice design

This print is so pretty!! Full of flowers and birds.

This reminds me of shiney silver forest so amazing in texture.