Pillow Fever

I'm pretty sure I have pillow fever, I adore how pillows and how they dress up a sofa in an instant. Pillows can be daring, bold, muted but there all lovely - except for the tacky frumpy grandma ones. So not my stlye. I did a pillow count the other day, we have SEVEN pillows, yes SEVEN pillows in our living room alone. All my pillows are solids except for some bright yellow ones I found at Target. After much considerariton and to the likly dismay of Mr. CHL I decided our room needs two more pillows. Lumbar pillows to be exact. The lumber pillows will replace the excisting pillows that came with our armless chairs - we don't currently use those pillows. I think the fabric is too chucky in texture to be used as a pillow. The current pillow cover is also badly made and when it sits on the chair it looks mushy and misshapen.

I was thinking of just buying new pillows, but after a little looking I didn;t like the price for them! you can call me cheap, or inventive. So I decided to make new pillow covers for the current lumbar pillows. I wasn't sure if I wanted yet another solid color or something with pop. If I was going to a solid, I was just going to play it safe and go with white. But while I was shopping for fabric for my piano bench, I came across this amazing fabric white and yellow fabric. I'm in love.

Here's a teaser picture, my mom and I stopped in Calico Corners after seeing New Moon (yes I held this bit of information back from Sundays post!!)

Now I (we) paintely wait for my fabric to arrive for 10 long days, so I can get down to business. I leave you with these amazing pillows on simple clean lined sofas with plush pillows.

I hoping with some new pillows and rehanging our artwork, adding more textures...our living room will pop more like the ones above.

{ these picutres are from various google searches before I started blogging - Unknown sources }