Modern Ideas for Displaying Family Photos

I love family photos and seeing the story of a family, however I'm not a fan of displaying family photos in a 1980's way. You know what I mean, family photos covering every single wall in the house a dated frames. Don't get my wrong I love the 80's, I'm a 1980's baby, but displaying family photos in a dated way, can make your entire space feel date. I rounded up a few modern I ideas for displaying family photos in a meaningful way that won't look & feel dated, Including a few ways I've display family photos in my home. 

Photo Ledges 

A fantastic and simple way to display family photos is by using a photo ledge. I love photo ledges, they're a great way to use varying height frames, and you can easily layer photos on top of each other. They key to keeping photo ledges looking effortless, is choosing similar style frames. Photo ledges can be placed in entryways, above sofas or in hallways. Before our home was re-built in 2013, in our living entryway I DIYed photo ledges similar to ones I had seen and Pottery Barn and hung three ledges that displayed our engagement & wedding photos. 

image via  Country Living

image via Country Living

Family Photo Grid

A grid of family photos, can be the perfect solution for filling up a large wall in a meaningful way. While I love color photos, Black and White family photos always look timeless and elegant a in a group. I wanted to add family photos in my house, that felt like artwork and would make me smile whenever I walked into a room. In my dining room, I hung a grid of Black & White family photos using white six. I loved how the family photo grid out, each photo feels like a time capsule. I also love how easy it is to change the photos, if I choose to down the line. Here's a trick I learned a while back on How to Fix a Crooked Hanging Frame (sanity saver!) 

In the Mudroom

A perfect spot for family photos, is hanging them in a mudroom. Such a sweet way to say hello & goodbye everyday. I love how sweet and layered the family photos look about the builtin mudroom unit. 

image via  Style Me Pretty

image via Style Me Pretty

Modern Look for the Hallway & Staircase

One of the most popular ways for showcasing family photos in the hallway, but if you now careful it can look so dated a cheesy. Save the cute kid school pictures for photo albums, or consider making a few of them Black & White, like the class school picture. Go floor to ceiling, but only if you don't have little hands in your home or animals that may bump into them! 

I love the hallway below, there never seems to be enough lighting in hallways, a fantastic idea is using cordless art lights in hallway to hang above family photos. 

image via  My Domaine

image via My Domaine

Going up a staircase family photos cane be hung right next each other, giving the feeling of one continuous photo.  

image via  Real Simple

image via Real Simple

Create an eclectic feeling by mixing & matching frames and using a mix of black & white and color photographs. 

image via  Pop Sugar

image via Pop Sugar

How do you display family photos in your home?