Pausing Until Next Week

I had every intention of sharing my kitchen as part of my plans to share my home week by week until my home tour is updated. However, life has been a little crazy this week, last week we brought home a puppy. We got a chocolate lab and he's precious, sweet and playful. As you can image my week has been filled with all things puppy related, cuddling & playing with our puppy, getting up in the middle of the night picking and cleaning up after him (potty accidents!) I haven't had a puppy since I was a little kid, and keep thinking puppies remind me of cats, they like to play, bite and then sleep on repeat. 

Next Friday, I'll resume Home Tour: My Kitchen sharing before, layout plan of my kitchen re-build and floor plan changes we made to make better use of our space. Below is a recent picture of my kitchen. 

Have a great weekend friends!