Wall Sconces in Kids Rooms

I've been thinking about layering in additional lighting in my both sons bedrooms rooms for a few reasons: takes up zero floors space (no side table required) and aesthetically its pleasing to the eye & perfect for night time book reading. For all my small home dwellers out there, I have upcoming Small Home Style posts specifically for kids & teens rooms to make those tiny kids spaces multitasking. 

For my preschooler, I love the idea of adding one sconce into his bedroom, either above or to the side of his twin bed. It's a such a modern look, and I think it will so fantastic on his gallery walls. I also love that sconces provide the perfect light for night-time reading, we're big crawl into the bed readers with our little one (the teen is, is like no thanks mom!) My teen is also an avid reader and likes to lay in bed and read, hence wall sconces are perfect for solution for his bedroom. Don't wall sconces in the kids bedrooms below look fabulous! 

Sconces in Kids Rooms

image via  House Beautiful
image via  Decor Pad

image via Decor Pad

Sconces in Teen Rooms

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image via Decor Pad

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image via Domino

For my older sons bedroom, I'm picturing two accordion style light sconces since he has a full bed. I like that he'll be able to extend the light fixture when needed. Below is a photo of my sons bedroom. I also like how the wall scones will 'frame' his artwork 

I've rounded up some fantastic modern wall sconces options for kids rooms. I've got my eye on a few of my boys room, can't wait to add a new lighting elements in their spaces. 

1. Colored Wall Sconce 2. Rannarp Wall Sconce 3. Morgan Black Sconce 4. Mid Century Task Sconce  5. Capiz Scone 6. Crosby Swing Arm Lamp 7. Taren Wall Sconce 8. Vintage Wall Sconce 9. Globe Wall Sconce

Are you thinking our nixing your table lamps in your bedroom for wall sconces/swing arm lamps? Hop over to my blog post Bedside or Swing Arm Lamps to help you decide. 

What do you think of wall sconces in kids bedrooms?