Small Home Style: Small Bathroom Design Solutions

Welcome to my 3rd post about Small Home Style, sharing stylish ideas to incorporate into your home. As a small home dweller living in 1100 Sq feet with a family of four + a puppy, I've learned to design my home with intention and make sure our small home works of my family. Every Monday, I'm sharing design solutions for small homes, helping to tackle small home design dilemmas. Today, I'm sharing design solutions for small bathrooms. Chances are when you have a small home you also have a small bathroom. It can be challenging to create extra storage and make the most of your space with your bathroom is small. However, there are several ways you can make your bathroom feel larger & organized. 

Add a Linen Closet 

If you have room inside your bathroom or right outside, add a freestanding linen closet to help double your space. Store bathroom towels and misc bathroom items on the shelves. 

image via  Mommy is CooCoo

image via Mommy is CooCoo

Add Shelves 

Shelves help create instant storage options, choose shelves wide enough that they can hold artwork, baskets, towels, soaps and misc bathroom items. Consider hanging three, above your toilet, odd number of shelves always looks best. 

image via Country Living

image via Country Living

Take the Doors Off

If you have a linen closet inside your bathroom, consider removing the doors! Too many doors inside your bathroom can make a small space feel crowded. Style the opening shelves using trays to hold perfumes and lotions, use baskets to hold bath towels & curling irons etc. 

image via BHG

image via BHG

Use All Surfaces for Extra Surface

Place a tray on top of your toilet to create a curated extra storage solution. The tray can hold artwork, photos, bathroom products, candles and jars.  This is great way to stylish sneak in extra storage. 

image via  Express-O

image via Express-O

Another option is adding a small tray on top of your vanity to coral: toothbushes, candles, purfume etc. items stylishly in plain site

Hang it High 

In my sons bathroom, that also serves as our guest bathroom. I hung our striped navy and white shower curtain extra tall, to help create the illusion of tall ceilings, which draw your eyes up and out. 

Think Outside the Box

Use a children's wall mounted book holder to organize your beauty products in your bathroom in a chic way. I just adore the dreamy way the a book holder was used in the bathroom below. 

Add a small shelf under your mirror for holding perfumes & lotions. Also add an additional mirror to make your morning routine a breeze. 

Use Baskets for Purpose & Texture 

In my master bathroom below, I two used large baskets underneath our vanity to holder bathroom essentials: toilet paper and towels. This allowed our storage to double and helped create a small linen closet feeling in our petite bathroom. Plus the baskets add texture and color to a white bathroom. 

image via  BHG

image via BHG

Organize Cabinets & Drawers 

Make the most of your vanity cabinets and get those drawers and bottom cabinet organized. Use a lazy Susan as a landing spot for bath products and baskets to hold your kids bathroom toys. 

image via Apartment Therapy 

image via Apartment Therapy 

Add interior drawer organizers to keep your drawers organized, life is easier when everything is in plain sight and easy to find. 

image via  Buzz Feed

image via Buzz Feed

I hope you enjoyed today's Small Home Style post, please feel to email your small space design challenges at I would love to help tackle those spaces. 

How have you added additional chic storage in your bathroom? What design dilemmas are you facing in your bathroom?