Home Tour: My Dining Room

I'm in the process of updated my Home Tour page and decided to share on my blog every Friday a tour of my home week by + share some flash backs of how my spaces & style has evolved since buying my first home. My dining room has evolved dramatically, since 2009, I can remember a time with our space felt too tiny to even 4 people at the dining room table, you can see how our dining room looked before we re-built our house after a fire here

If you also have a small dining room and are looking for ways to make better use of your space, my recent blog post is for you: 9 Way to Maximize a Small Dining Room & Give It Style

I love how our dining room has evolved from teeny tiny room, into  a dining space that feels grown-up and is perfect for my family of four & now open enough to comfortable seat 7 and most likely we could squeeze in one more person when our leaf is in our table. The crazy thing is our dining room is the exact same size as before we re-built our home. A few things changed to make things possible, we widen the doorway from our living room to dining room kitchen instantly making the space feel larger and more open but now too open. Next, I had the electricians more the dining room light so it was more centered to the dining room size. We also add crown molding the space which helps drawn yours eyes up and out, giving the room the appearance of taller ceilings, our ceilings are the standard 8ft ceilings. Trust me when I say it makes a huge difference, and I can't wait to add crown moldings in our bedrooms. 

When choosing our furniture, I opted from an oval dining room table which works better in narrow rooms, and impedes less on the layout. To gain extra seating in our dining room, we added a freestanding banquette that seats 3. Adding banquette seating in a small dining room is the perfect way to increase seating a room + they look so pretty with pillows & as you all know I'm pillow crazy. Below is my dining room, along with pictures of how it looked shortly after moving back in.


Here's a look at our dining room a four months after moving back into our home. I came across the perfect vintage blonde dining room table and gave it a makeover (see the before here) In the photos before, we have the leaf in our dining room. 

Below are more photos of how our dining room looks now. In addition to adding extra seating, I also hung a grid of family photos and recently added a bar cart, they are perfect for small spaces and don't have to only hold liquor! Down the line, I'd love to swap out the lighting for something a bit more dramatic!

I hope you enjoyed a tour or my dining room + some throw back pictures of the same room! Next Friday, I'm sharing my kitchen. That room has come a long way friends and it's truly the hub & heart of my small home. Each and every day I love it even more!