Home Tour: My Living Room

Hello friends, my home tour on my blog is need of an update! I though the easiest and best way to showcase my home tour is sharing my home on the blog room by room, then each week I'll update my house tour page. Make sense?

Every Friday, I'll be sharing rooms in my home. Today, I'm sharing my living room along with how it looked a few short years ago, when we moved back into our home for the second after re-building our home. Below is a link if you're interested in seeing our living room & bad pictures of how our living room looked circa 2009 #mindblown  

 I love seeing how rooms evolve over time. It's amazing to look back at a room and see how much its evolved over time + see ways my personal design style has changed. Below is our living room in late 2013, shortly after moving back in our home.

Below is my living room now. It's so fun to see the evolution of our living room. Pattern drapes have been hung, artwork is on the walls. bookcases flank our dresser turned TV stand. I love how modern + California casual + layered in color & pattern our living room feels. 

Our living room is a mix of old + new. I found the vintage campaign dresser at Antique store and refinished it a glossy white, bought our coffee table via Craigslist (oh how I love CL) and scored our pretty aqua lamp and vintage side table at a Consignment store. 

We have small home and our living room acts as our everything room since our home doesn't have a family. Our living room is where we entertain,have family movie night, play games etc. When designing our living room my goal was to make sure our living room was pretty + functional. Instead of one sofa + two chairs like our previous set-up in our living room before re-building I opted for twin sofas to balance our small living room & provide plenty of seating. Honestly, it was one of the best decisions ever! Plus, I'm a pillow hoarder and twin sofas means lots of pillows of my pillow loving heart. 

To layer in color in our living room, I painted the inside of our front door Elephant Skin by Behr. Seriously, our front door was too pretty to be left white, plus by painting the inside of our front door, I layered in more color. Don't be afraid to paint the inside of your front door, my top suggestions: Black (its always classic) or Grey (its becoming a new classic and not going out of style any time soon) or consider staining the inside of your front door, but don't go too dark.  

I hope you enjoyed the tour of my living room! Next Friday, I'm sharing my dining room. It's come such a long way since moving into our home.