Small Home Style: 6 Big Impact Entryway Ideas

Every Monday, I'm sharing Small Home Style ideas and design solutions, to incorporate into your home. When you're a small home dweller it's easy to get envious of home that an actual entryway or a grand foyer for guests to land before entering your home. Often times when you have a small home your front door opens directly into your living room, or your home may have narrow hallway that's your entryway. Both entries into your home can make you wonder is it possible to squeeze an entryway into your space.  

However, no entryway is no problem! There are several ways to carve out a small entryway in your living room. Today, I'm sharing 6 Big Impact Entryway Ideas for the Small Home Style series. 

image via  Good Housekeeping
  • ONE. Shelf + Artwork. In narrow entryway, its a great idea to add a shelf + artwork above to creating a landing zone. The should be wide enough to hold a vase and flowers along with a small bowl to toss keys into, but now wide enough that it feels awkward passing by. 
image via  BHG

image via BHG

image via  The Inspired Room
  • TWO. Go Vertical. Use the area next to your front door and go vertical, with multiple shelves or bookcase. By using the entire wall as you entryway, it can triple your storage space, making for a tidy entry. A perfect spot to store blankets, hold books, magazines, objects and photos. Think of all the fun styling possibilities. 
image via  Refinery29

image via Refinery29

  • THREE. Narrow Console Table + Pattern. A stylish console table is perfect spot to create a nice welcome for your guests. When looking for a console table, choose one that's narrow and has extra storage, a 'leggy' console table will help make a small space feel more open vs. using a large heavy feeling piece. To help define your console table in a small space consider having fun with pattern 1. Go blog with wallpaper or a large stencil 2. hand large colorful artwork above. The console table + pattern is a classic, never go out of style look. 
image via  Apartment Therapy
  • FOUR. Create a Landing Zone. Having an entryway that feels purposeful and is a great addition to small spaces and don't need much wall space to integrate into your space. To creating a landing zone entryway, use three key ingredients to make it feel stylish & cohesive with your home: fun hooks, artwork, spot for shoes & a spot for umbrellas. 
image via  The Curtis Casa

image via The Curtis Casa

  • FIVE: Go Clear. I love the idea of using a clear console table to create an entryway. CB2 makes a great acrylic console table, that is perfect for small spaces. Acrylic console tables take up almost no visible space, and can be perfect to store books under or a cute bench. Bonus, they can also easily double as a desk, if you need to squeeze in work zone into your living room. 
image via  Decor Guide

image via Decor Guide

image via  Somewhere Lately  

image via Somewhere Lately 

  • SIX. Hooks + Bench. Sometimes less is room, when incorporating a small entry into your home. Sometimes all you need are pretty hooks and small bench to create a small landing for you and your guests. If your tight on space and love the look of benches, start searching on CL and Thrift Stores for small benches or for a piano bench. Target has also been an amazing source for small benches lately in their Threshold Line. Aonus about a simple bench, they can easily be updated in fabulous fabric. 
image via  Oh Happy Day

image via Oh Happy Day

I hope you liked my 6 ideas for adding an entryway in your small home that creates  big impact. Does your home have a bonafide entryway? If yes, How did you style? Have you created an entryway in your home? 

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