Master Bedroom Design Inspiration

Hello friends! I was hoping my next post about my bedroom would be sharing my drapes and some progress. A few weeks back, I shared my design ideas for my master bedroom and how I envision our space. Then a few things happened 1. I got sick, food poisoning which is no fun and so draining. 2. My sewing machine, decided to act up again. You see less than a year ago I had my Singer Heavy Machine sewing machine  repaired, it cost nearly has much to repair my machine as buying a new one, crazy right. My machine has been having bobbin issues, and after reading 1,000 of new reviews on my sewing machine it seems like everyone has had the same exact issue! So my machine has a serious design flaw, insert my no so happy face. 

I've been in serious debate and research mode, do I  get a new machine? Or do I repair my current one? Which is a lemon. I've decided to purchase a new sewing machine, give it a try and it won't be a Singer. Ok rant over! I'm ordering my new machine today on Amazon and if all goes well. I'll have some master bedroom updates very soon + a How To on the drape style I've decided to sew. 

Until then, these pretty bedrooms have me inspired

image via  Studio McGee

image via Studio McGee

image via  Mochantini

image via Mochantini

Those pictures have me wanting to get my act together and get my bedroom done so I  can enjoy it and move on to the next project! What projects are you working on that you can't wait to complete, so you can enjoy it?