Lovely Aspen Bay Candles + a Giveaway

One of the first things I do each evening after I come home is light a candle in my kitchen. I love having candles burning in my home, they create ambiance and set the entire mood for my evenings. I'm the type of girl who loves layered subtle scents, but not overpowering fragrance. My friends at Aspen Bay Candles, know how much I love candles and sent me to candles to enjoy. Once I opened the Beehive Pot from the Aspen Bay Signature collection, I was in heaven. The Gardenia Fig Beehive Pot candle smells amazing, the candle is a layer of gardenia, rose, ylang ylang and fig. I was in love before, I even burned the candle. 

Not only does the candle smell amazing, it also has a long burning time and are hand poured. I love how the pretty Beehive Pot looks in my kitchen. My friends at Aspen Bay Candles, also sent me the Sugared Citron candle in a tinted glass jar also from their Signature Collection. To make my outdoor spaces feel more special, I love setting the mood by bringing candles outside. Burning candles outside instantly creates ambiance and makes the evening feel more special.   

The Sugared Citron candle is a layered with sugared lemon, orange and fresh mountain greens. The candle smells heavenly burning inside my home and outside. My friends at Aspen Bay candles want one of my blog readers to enjoy and are gifting one of my readers with a Sugared Citron Tinted Glass Jar Candle! The Giveaway is super easy to enter, details below. 

Giveaway Details

Aspen Bay Sugared Citron Candle

Giveaway Dates: Starts Wednesday 6/29/16 - Ends Thursday 7/7/16

* Open to All US Residents * 

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