How To: Transform a Rug into a Pillow

Hi friends! I'm so excited to share this quick and simple DIY today! Ever come across a DIY project you just love and mentally file it away for later? A few months ago, I came across a fantastic DIY from the Little Green Notebook on turning a rug into a pillow and I knew one day I would so tackle the project once I came across the perfect rug! 

I'm been in the process of slowly updating our patio, to transform our large under-used space into the perfect chill zone for the warm months. Trust me when I say we have several warm months in Sacramento, so this is a must. First I refinished our outdoor dining room table and chairs, giving it a fantastic makeover. Next I added in a pair of chairs and a comfy outdoor sofa and lots of planters. I'm totally a pillow person, however for our outdoor sofa I pictured using one long lumbar pillow, I'm craving simplicity and comfort outside. 

I recently came across a floral & tassel accent rug at Target and thought it would look even better turned into lumbar pillow for our outdoor sofa. The rug is reversible, which made it hard to pick a side, but I knew the floral pattern would add the extra floral punch and a little color without going overboard. 

image Via  Target

image Via Target

Transform a Accent Rug into a Lumbar Pillow

It's so easy to transform a 2x 3 accent rug into a lumbar pillow! I used an upholstery needle & upholstery thread  to sew the sides closed, this kit from Singer worked like a charm and I was able to switch needles depending on thickness of the rug. Below are the quick & easy steps

  • Sew Sides Closed with a Whip Stitch Upholstery Needles 
  • Sew left side & Right Side of the top of the pillow leaving a 6-8 inch opening 
  • Stuff Pillow with Poly-Fil (over stuff pillow until pillow is firm)
  • Sew top pillow closed 

Since my rug came with tassels on the sides, I re-attached them at the corners, I love the fun factor tassels add to the accent rug turned pillow. 

I love how this project turned out, it was super simple and only took a few hours to do, basically a couple of TV Shows later and you have a new pillow! The easiest rugs to transform into pillows are cotton accent rugs & flat weave rugs. When choosing a rug to transform into a pillow, look for pattern & texture and how the rug will look once in half. I've rounded up a few rugs that would look amazing turned into lumbar pillows! 

Row One: Blue Dhurrie Rug, Tile Grey Rug  

Row Two: Diamond Maze Rug,  Moroccan Pink Rug

Row Three: Floral Stripe Rug, Lexington French Blue Rug

Row Four: Monaco Accent Rug, Diamond Accent Rug

Hope you all come across a accent rug that will look amazing on your sofa, bed or big chair! I see a few more rugs turned lumbar pillow in my very near future! 

What do you think of this idea?