Falling in Love with Paris in a Day

While visiting my bestie in England in September, we booked a day trip to Paris. Knowing that Paris is a train ride away, is unreal. Paris was everything I every dreamed it and much more. Our day began in the English countryside arriving in London then taking the Eurostar train into Paris arriving in Gare De Nord. Once we stepped out of the train station, I was immediately in ahh. Just looking around at the buildings across the street screamed Paris, from the architecture and the pale painted roof lines it all felt so Parisian. The day before our trip we mapped out the top 5 destinations we wanted visit: Norte Dame, The Louvre, Tuileries Garden, Pont des Arts (refereed to as the lock bridge) and The Eiffel Tower. Bonus for me walking across The Siene and along both sides of the river and Saint Germain area to visit

City Pharma

 and see all the amazing sites and stores, oh la la.  

While walking the streets of Pairs, we stopped into a Patisserie and picked up a croissants to enjoy for breakfast. Then stopped into a boulangerie for baguettes for our lunch and also a Monoprix for meats and cheeses. While my girlfriend was in the boulangerie, I came across a French bookstore where I bought Avery a

kids french book

We stopped at Costa for Cappuccinos, let me tell you they where the best Cappuccinos I think we ever had! Simply amazing! I loved all the people watching, it was so nice to drink Cappuccinos and visit with my bestie! My day in spent in Paris via pictures. I didn't take insane amount of pictures while in Paris, I honestly wanted to savior each and every moment and be in the moment, hopefully that makes sense. 

I love walked along the Seine, its so beautiful and amazing. the weather was perfect and not a cloud in the sky. While walking along the Seine, we stopped at one of the street vendors selling art, I picked three large prints for my kids rooms. We also happened upon a crepe maker, and shared a lemon and sugar crepe, made right in front of us. It felt magical, walking in Paris and eating crepe, things I've dreamed of for years.

For lunch we sat outside on the steps of the Louvre and had baguette sandwiches, so Parisian. The Lourve was amazing and although we didn't have time to step inside, we visited the gift shop which so pretty!! 

We sat in Tuileries Garden, and enjoyed the best macaron I've ever had in my entire life! My sweet friend sweet talked a Parisian into gifting one, macarons in Paris are crazy expensive! We laughed and practiced our French, with phony French accents and annoying American ones, together her and Lucy & Ethel. 

We ended our day with the Eiffel Tower. I can barely put into words how amazing it felt. We walked the entire day while in Paris over 12 miles, but it took us 14 years of friendship to make this trek together. Seeing the Eiffel Tower together was so substantial in so many ways, for years we'd talk about going to Paris and but the idea always felt abstract and out of reach. There were many years when I was younger and raising my oldest son that even buying myself a latte in the morning felt like an luxuries expense.

When I rounded the corner from the Metro Station and say the Eiffel Tower, it hit me in that moment and while it may sound silly to some I got tears in my eyes, I was struck by the beauty of the Eiffel Tower and that my dream of visiting Paris had come true, and that dreams do come true. We visited just before the sun was setting and the sky was changing into the most brilliant colors I have ever witnessed in my life and the tower its self looked like gold, a jewel among the pretty skyline. I felt a deep need inside to travel and see the world with friends, my husband and children. I absolutely love Paris, its a jewel of a city and I cannot wait to go back. 

Speaking of going back my husband and I are planning our first big trip together! As soon as I returned home in Mid September, we decided to our next anniversary would finally be the honeymoon we've longed to have. We were on a tight budget for our wedding and only had a mini-moon. For our 7 year anniversary next year we're taking a trip to Ireland, London and Paris! To say I can't wait to experience those amazing countries and cities together is an understatement!! As we get closer to our trip, I share more details!