Cottage Studio Rug Ideas

I've been on the hunt for a comfy rug to layer more color into my backyard cottage studio. I really want a that is comfortable underfoot, has a pretty pattern and flows with the color story of my cottage. As a quick reminder, I recently teamed up with The Home Depot to transform a TUFF Shed into a She Shed, which I've affectionately refer to as my studio aka the official headquarters of Chic Little House. Since I completing the project for The Home Depot, I've made a few changes bringing in more personal touches, artwork etc. Up next on my list of additions, is finding the perfect rug. I've rounded up a few rug styles I've been considering for my cottage. First is Option One up this shag Moroccan Diamond rug. I love that option one will add a fun comfy factor to the cottage and love the cute tassels. 

Rug Option Two, I love this pattern and the rich color navy, and think the dark navy will look so good paired with all the white in the cottage. 

Option Three is another fluffy rug, this time with a subtle grey pattern. 

Option Four is so pretty, I just love the pattern! 

I'm a huge fan of geometric prints and love the look of option five

Option Six, is another geometric navy print rug, but also so pretty.

Friends, which rug option from the above do you like best? I'd love your input or a link to a rug you think would work even better in the cottage studio.