Our Bathroom Vanity Change-up

Morning friends, take a look around. Notice any changes? I recently had my blog redesigned just in time for my birthday later this week, I love how it turned out. My blog feels, clean, grownup and feminine and chic! I'm in the process of updating my home tour and popular posts and more, change is good. A few weeks back, I mentioned a few bathroom changes, I wanted to tackle in our master bathroom. I love the main design elements of our master bathroom: white subway tile, classic hex tiles and open bathroom vanity shelving. However, I was having the hardest time finding a bathroom mirror, the two styles I loved where at the very tippy top of our budget. 

As luck would have it, I came across one of the mirror styles I love at Home Goods a mirror framed mirror over the weekend, brought home and hung up the mirror later that night. Another recent update to our bathroom, is baskets! I've been looking for ages for baskets to sit in the lower portion of our bathroom vanity, I finally found the perfect pair at West Elm. The basket measurement and style where exactly what I was looking for. Below is my master bathroom. 

With these two happy additions, its time to make more changes. Taking our master bathroom from nice to wow: New hardware, Center Light fixture above Sink, Repaint Vanity, New Roman Shade and Towel hooks.  

During the re-building of our house, we where under a tight budget and one of the vanities I originally wanted for our bathroom was way out of our budget. When I came across this bathroom vanity within our budget, it was it checked off my list of wants: open shelving, furniture-like vanity etc. But about the bathroom vanity felt off, even after I painted the bathroom vanity. The cabinet drawer styles, were bugging me, see when it comes to cabinet door styles I'm not a flat front cabinet girl. I like flat front cabinets in some cases, but I just love shaker style cabinets.

I've decided to transform the basic cabinet doors into shaker cabinets, by adding trim around the door. I'll also use wood filler on the cabinet drawer to transform the faux drawers into two look drawers, and go from five drawer pulls to four pulls. 

Look at these pretty vanities below, the shaker cabinet drawers below make happy! 

Last night I started adding the trim to the bathroom cabinets and I'm already so happy with my decision to change up our bathroom cabinet style. Be on the lookout for a how to along with paint colors I'm thinking of painting the bathroom vanity.....I'm back to the drawing board with paint colors.