London is Calling

A couple of years ago, my best friend moved to England for love, I know totally a modern love story. I miss her so much our daily chats, insane amount of texts back and forth. I could go on and on, luckily for me my sweet friend moved to England, which is a country I adore and I've always dreamed someday I'd visit. I'm finally visiting my friend this year in early September to be exact and I can't wait! This will be my first time traveling International, which meant earlier this year I applied for my passport and when it came in the mail, I screamed with joy no lie. 

Something about a passport in your hands makes traveling aboard so much more real. I'm sure your wondering if my husband or kids will be joining me on the trip and the answer is no, this time time I'll be traveling alone which my makes a little jittery to be honest. A long boring plane ride across the pond sounds dreadful! But I'm excited for the adventure ahead. 

Right now, I'm looking into flying into Dublin, since the airline I'm considering has layovers there it seemed to make perfect sense to stay one night in Dublin explore, then take the Ferry to England and from there a train ride into London. My girlfriend is planning on flying into Dublin to meet me. I love the idea her and I exploring Dublin for a bit catching up, since we're both talkers its so needed!!

While in England, my girlfriend and her husband want to show me the sights, so she's asking for my to compile a list of places I want to visit and things I want to do. My friend lives just outside London in the English countryside so visiting London is a quick train ride in and we plan to visit the sites while there, I'm looking forward to eating some of the best Indian food in the world. I'm also hoping to visit Bath or the White Cliffs of Dover and many more places. 

In addition we're planning a quick 1-2 day trip to Paris, yes and in Paris France! I'll be visiting her for about 12-14 days and figured a quick getaway to Paris is a must. Because as they say Paris is always a good idea. I've also be told by friends who've visited Paris, its life changing. I'm so excited to explore the city of lights, eat a french baguette and tour the city on a bike.  

I'd love to hear from all of you about, when is the best time to purchase plane tickets? Bu far my biggest expense is will be plane tickets, so please share all your tips and favorite site for checking out prices.

What's your favorite airline to fly to the UK or Europe? Any international traveling tips? Places I should visit in England and Paris? Places to visit in Dublin? Sites in Dublin, England and Paris to skip? 

I welcome any and all suggestions!