Classic White Bathoom

I've spent half the week plotting on what area of our home I want to tackle next, by now if you've been reading my blog for awhile you know I like to jump around from room to room. Working on bits and pieces. One of the area in my home is relativity new our master bathroom that we added almost two years ago when we re-built our home. Here's the deal, I love the the main design elements of our bathroom: hex floor tiles on the floor, classic white subway in the shower surround and quartz counter. It's a small bathroom, but the size perfectly fits with our petite home. 

It has great bones, just needs a few finishing pieces to take it from nice to wow, make sense? Here are a few things on 'my list' our bathroom needs: vanity hardware, hooks for towels, pretty white towels, basket for storage, storage for misc beauty supplies and a mirror!!! We've been using a mirror that's too small for the past year + and its time, I bite the bullet and find / buy one we love.

In terms of color, I really love white bathrooms. With the 'right elements' white bathrooms, don't feel bland they feel lovely and relaxing, exactly how I want our bathroom to feel. Our bathroom is white, but needs a little touch-up painting like most all white rooms do. I've been gathering bathroom inspiration to help guide me. 

I pinned this lovely bathroom, ages ago and still love it! Our vanity is open on the bottom (see here) I've been looking for the 'right size' baskets for our open bottom shelf for months and months, I finally may have found the right size at Crate & Barrel 

This bathroom below is gorge! I love the wall panels behind the lighting, so genius! 

via Pinterest

A few month back, I painted our bathroom vanity a pretty grey (click here) After giving the color so more thought, I've decided to repaint our bathroom vanity a little bit lighter grey, I've chosen a new color and once I paint it I'll share an update. 

When it comes to mirrors for our bathroom, I jump all over the place! Some days, I want a mirror framed mirror, other days a simple plain mirror then a pretty shaped mirror. 

 via Pinterest

I love the look of the classic mirror below, I recently saw its twin on Home Decorators here. I plan on doing a lot of the stopping into Home Goods for the next several months until, I find the one, bu far they have the best affordable in stock mirror options in my area.  

I'm also love the idea of adding a bamboo mirror in our bathroom, I think it would look pretty paired with our polished nickel bathroom hardware. 

Thanks for allowing me to brain dump my ideas! It feels so good to put my design thoughts out there for my master bathroom. I'm getting excited to get going on this project and finally find / hang a mirror in our bathroom we love! 

Are there in projects your working on that are talking much longer than expected, like me?