Mixed Media Gallery Wall

One of my plans this year is to add more artwork in our home. I love a gallery wall grids like we have in our dining room and also love mixed gallery wall with varying size frames, like the one in my sons room. I love the look of mixed media gallery walls and plan on adding one in our home. Since our home is on the a smaller scale, we don't have much wall real estate so to speak, the best spot right now for a mixed media gallery wall is our hallway. 

I envision a gallery wall filled with framed watercolors, drawings, a few family portraits,  canvases and shadow boxes with artwork. That's my ideal mixed media gallery wall for my hallway. 

via Kinfolk

 via Lonny

When it comes to gallery walls in hallways, I'm not a huge fan of artwork going all the way to the baseboards. I love the idea of creating a gallery wall on a imaginary straight line with artwork above and below. I love the creative mixture and scale of the mixed media gallery wall below

I absolutely adore the kids art gallery wall below, which in my book totally. counts as a mixed media gallery wall. I for sure plan on incorporating my kids artwork in our hallway gallery wall. 

I'm so excited to tackle this project over time and create a meaningful mixed media gallery wall and officially whip our hallway into shape, including finishing up our linen cabinet makeover. 

What do you think of gallery walls, love them? planning one? Or over them?