Framed Petty Paper

One of the things I loved in our living room before our home re-build was the framing the numbers of our wedding date. I loved its simplicity and the meaning behind the date. I wanted to do something similar, that reminded me of our wedding date. This time, I wanted to doing something else. Recently I was looking though all the pretty paper at Paper Source and saw hydrangea wrapping paper. I instantly felt connected to the wrapping paper, since our wedding flowers are hydrangeas and knew they paper would make a pretty addition to our home. I instantly felt connected to the pretty paper because our wedding flowers were hydrangeas and the lovely shades of chartreuse represented in the paper. As most of you know, I'm smitten with shades of chartreuse so the paper just felt right. I ordered the paper online along with a few other paper pretties (envelopes and paper liner templates, love!)

 I decided to frame the paper in the Ikea Ribba frame I picked up months ago. I used the matte to trace the paper then cut the paper to the correct size. 

I love how framing a pretty paper can transform it into artwork (at least in my mind) and better yet the 20x30 wrapping paper was super affordable only $ 3.50. Making framing this paper super affordable and inexpensive allowing me to splurge elsewhere. 

Along with framing the paper, I also framed an Etsy print I purchased from Printable Wisdom. I love how the framed artwork looks in our living room. 

Now, whenever I see the hydrangea print blooms in our home, I'll instantly think of our wedding. I like that. It's a very special day and I love simple reminders. Next time you come across some pretty paper, consider framing it. 

What's the last piece of artwork you framed in your house?