Fences & Borders

For me fences + borders = perfection! Right now the fence around of backyard is super open, which I like but I prefer the look of fences with a layer of vines and then flowers. Here's a current backyard with our fence. Pretty vines and shrubs mixed with flowering shrubs help make a suburban backyard feel more private and special, at least in my mind that's how it works. 

The back our of fence is in really good shape and I totally want to keep it that way. My plan is to tackle a small section of fence line at a time with a mixture of freestanding privacy screens, wood planters and large flowering shrubs. I love the idea of building large wood planters connected to a modern trellis for vines. 

 via Pinterest

I also love the idea of growing tress, espalier style which means to train a tree to grow flat. Which would be an excellent source of additional privacy and such a lovely addition in to our backyard. 

A more affordable option for our backyard fence line is to build modern trellises. I'm so in love with the ones below!! That look so elegant and honestly pretty simple to build, I think the most difficult part of the project would be digging holes for the post (unless we rented a post hold digger) 

image via Pinterest

For the flower portions of our fence line, I'd love to add mixture of various flowers and flowering shrubs. 

We're going to start tackling small sections of then fence line in the upcoming months. I can't wait to fill our entire fence line up with pretty. 

Do you prefer your fence line free and clear, or filled with flowering shrubs and trellises ?