The Right Hue

Every since I painted the inside of our front door a dark grey, I've been itching to paint the inside of our laundry room door a color. Just like the inside of our front door was to pretty to stay white, I felt the same way about our laundry room door. I knew adding a burst of color in our small laundry room / mudroom would look so great in our space. The first color I choose for the door was all wrong a muddy minty color that looked blah in the space. I stopped midway though painting the door knowing the color was all wrong for our home. 

In my home I tend to gravitate towards saturated colors with it comes to my accessories: pillows, drapes etc. So its crazy I thought I liked the muted mint. Back to the paint chip board at Home Depot, I decided to stick with shades of aqua and teal, those colors just fit our home so well. After looking at a bunch of colors I decided on Berh Bali Bliss, I used the paint and primer in one with the semi-gloss finish.

Here's a better full length shot of our laundry room door, this color makes me happy.

We also in the process of making our laundry room more efficient, details and full laundry room mudroom pictures coming to the blog on Monday. Crossing my fingers I'm able to snap some good pictures of this tiny hardworking space.

What do you think of our new door color? Are you attracted to neutral colors or more saturated colors when it comes to your house?