Bar Cart for Entertaining

Now that were feeling more settled in our home again, one of our plans is to starting entertaining our family and friends over more often. Over the past few months, I've been pinning bar cart idea and table top bar areas, which got me thinking our small home needs a bar cart when we have friends over, like Needs one. Yup, I'm jumping on the bar cart bandwagon. Now that we are able to seat six in our dining room, we really don't have room for a buffet & our thanks to our kitchen remodel we now have plenty of storage (even though I dream of having a butlers pantry one day lol) I envision a bar cart being perfect for various parties: full bar (check) cocoa station (check) soda drink station (check) desert station (check) movie party night (check) popcorn station (check) Can you tell I've planned lots of parties in my head for this year already lol. 

Once I realized a bar cart would be a perfect solution for our home giving us extra movable space, I began my search. I came up empty handed at local thrift stores and then started trying Craigslist. Craigslist in the Sacramento area can be a mixed bag, either overpriced junk or steals that make your heart pound as you anxiously email / text or phone the seller. Sunday I frantically emailed the seller in hopes the bar cart would be all mine and I even negotiated a lower price from $45 to $35 bucks. Not bad considering most bar carts in my area on CL range from $20 - $175. Bar carts in stores like Target, West Elm and Crate & Barrel range from $149 - $799. Me thinks I did pretty good scooping up this cute little bar cart on Craigslist. 

Here's the little bar cart that came home with us. I love its simple A Frame style and its petite size is perfect to tuck into a corner in our dining room or living room. The bar cart is currently covered in faux wood laminate, not the best look. Of course you have to look past the not so cute and see all its potential. 

Of course I have lots of plans for this little guy! Right now I'm leaning towards making it a little glam and going black, glossy black to be exact. I'm also debating changing up the caster feet to something more delicate and vintage. I know your shocked I'm not going white, so am I, but you never known lol. I've rounded up a few bar carts that are so pretty and inspiring to me for my own little carts transformation.

(via Pinterest)

(via Pinterest)

(via Pinterest)

This week I'll be nailing down the details of our bar cart makeover and getting to work. Of course I'm also looking forward to styling our bar cart with lots of goodies: cute straws, pretty glasses and liqueur. Already loving how having a bar cart makes me feel a little more adult as I plan what to buy for its 'full bar' version. 

Do you have a bar cart? On the hunt for one?