Out My Back Door

I bought

ceramic hanging planters

years ago from Ikea and they used to hang outside our front porch filled with flowers. I loved those planters and so happy there were able to be saved after our

house fire

. I decided to hang one outside our back door of our house that leads to our patio. On the other side of our front door is our mudroom & laundry room that leads to our ktichen and dinning area. I found the back hanging hook from Home Depot for $3.99, I loved its curves and the fact it looked a little more modern and simple then most plant hanging hooks. 

I'm now able to enjoy seeing flowers from my kitchen window, which makes me super happy. If you follow me on


then you may recognize this picture. I just had to share on the blog too. I'm so happy we decided to paint this door the same color as

our front door

, I just love how well it goes with the deep shade of grey on our house. I have lots of house updates to share, but the time change is messing my blogging up a little, by the time I get home its dark no fun! I know my weekends and mornings will be filled with lots of picture taking.