Making a Rug with Flor

Months ago, I shared my ideas for a rug for Avery's room. I thought a grey and white stripe rug for his bedroom would be perfect, I searched high and low, but wasn't able to find exactly what I was looking for. Since we have hardwood floors, I wanted the rug in his room to have some cushion like carpet or a nice wool rug has. After coming coming up empty handed, I decided to try Flor tiles. I've used them before in our entry for Halloween [was so hoping they'd bring back the Holiday line!! maybe next year?] I ordered a few samples, read more about them here and decided to go with the line Heaven Sent using the colors Titanium & Bone.

I've been patiently waiting months for the Flor Heaven Sent line to go on sale, oh yes this girl can wait months if needed to buy something on sale or with free shipping, lol. Finally months later, they were on sale for 25% off with free shipping! I decided to go with a 12 Flor tiles that creates a 5x7 rug. When the tiles arrived I realized four more tiles would make for the perfect rug size for his room, I re-ordered just in time to still get the savings. Here's Avery's room without his new Flor rug.

His toddler room now with is new Flor rug. I'm so happy how his new Flor rug really grounds his bedroom floor and adds color and texture into his room. Each row of grey and white [more a cream in person] is four tiles long. 

I found the tiles really easy to put together by just following their instructions and they've stayed in place without a problem.

Up next on my to do list for Avery's toddler room, is adding artwork including Avery's artwork into his room. I'm still undecided to on whether I'll paint his chairs, I think a color would be so much fun. 

What do you think the new Flor rug? Have you used a Flor rug in your home?