Toddler Room [In Progress]

Since moving back into our home, I've been spending time in each room of our Rancher slowly getting things put together and its starting to feel more like home. I know its going to take a while to get our house just so, since I love to work on several rooms and projects at the same time. I have ideas constantly spinning around in my head, thank goodness for interest where ideas can sit for a while lol. Over the past few months I've been slowing putting Avery's toddler room together, and its starting to take shape and thought it was time to share the progress. 

I really love toddler rooms that focus on play, creating and imagination all the elements I hope to incorporate in Avery's space. Most of all, I want his bedroom to reflect his curious playful personalty. Love this shot of Avery's bedroom that show a clear picture of DIY Customized Roman shades. 

While shopping at a local consignment store, I came across the perfect little solid wood bookcase for Avery's room for a pretty good deal. I love that the bookcase has to bottom cabinets, perfect spot for storing extra toys. It's so much fun to shop at consignment stores, thrift stores and Craigslist because there's almost always and an amazing piece that would be perfect in your home. When I originally bought the bookcase, I was leaning towards painting it. Right now, I'm thinking about paint the back of the bookshelves a fun color, like these bookcases. His bookcase holds a mixture of toys, books and lots of blocks. 

In addition to his main bookcase he also has a smaller bookcase that hold all his board books. The little bookcase fits perfectly underneath his window. I bought the swoop back chairs on clearance via Target, and I'm thinking for spray painting them a fun colorf like these colorful chairs from Land of Nod. I like the idea of pulling a color from his bedding, Chartreuse? Orange Red? Light Blue or Green? I think would look so fun in color. 

With the left over fabric from Avery's DIY Customized Roman Shades, I was able to sew a lumber pillow for his bed. I bought the feather down lumber insert from Ikea, they have the best deal in feather down pillows the insert was only $6.99.

For artwork in Avery's room, I plan on having a mixture of of his own artwork and artwork from Etsy. I can't wait to display Avery's artwork, he makes the cutest crafts at childcare. Target has a cute artwork display frame, I plan on getting for Avery's room. I've come across lots of cute artwork perfect for Avery's room on Etsy. I'm really looking forward to framing the Alphabet Forest print a from Etsy seller Giraffesnstuff for Avery's bedroom.   

I leaning towards creating a large art wall above his bed and bookcase, I love how this artwall looks, and like the idea of creating something similar on the wall. I plan on ordering the Flor rug tiles for the room in the next couple weeks, which will add more color in his room. So far I love how his room is coming together. 

What do you think for Avery's toddler room in progress?