Beginnings of the Mudroom

During the rebuilding of our home we decided to add an indoor laundryroom / mudroom off of our kitchen and dining room. To say I love this little space is and understatement! I love ho it makes our home feel larger thanks to the pretty interior french door and I'm over the moon happy to be able to do my laundry inside! Before we did our laundry in the garage, which was fine but the space never felt defined as a laundry area plus the weather condition out there were cray cray, either super duper color or insanely hot. We recently picked up some cabinets for the area, but I'll share more details next week [read more about our laundry room ideas here]

With the weather changing its time I refocus some of my energy on creating a mudroom area in corner of our laundry room. The space is small so it just means I'll have to get more creative and use all the space wisely. For the past several months I've been on the lookout for the perfect small bench for the mudroom, I wanted free standing bench with a cushion. I first thought a duet piano bench would be the perfect solution, I even redid one years ago for our bedroom [read about more about the piano bench makeover] However, the ones I came across where just a smidge too big. 

Finally I came across the perfect bench at Target and it was on clearance! I love the fact the bench is upholstered, has hidden storage spot [one of the reasons I was looking at piano benches]  and has a bottom shelf of extra storage. I bought the Kinfine Sky Storage Bench for only $ 83.98 plus tax plus saved an additional 5% off and free shipping for using my Target Red Card. Here's our new Storage Bench in our mudroom area. 

Please ignore the trash bin in the background. Sometimes I take pictures and later hit my head saying why did I leave that in the shot? But I'm keeping it real, lol. The current fabric on the bench of a tweady dark grey type fabric, and while I love the bench it just needs a few minor adjustments for me to be head over heals in love! 

There's nothing better than finding a piece of furniture you adore and changing up just a bit so its perfect for your home. I'm all about changing the old and new! Now while I like dark future, the dark wood mixed with the dark fabric & are dark wood look tile, all feels so dark. Before I share my revamp ideas, here are two benches from my Pinterest Board Mudroom that inspire me. 

Bold red color on the base with fun Suzani style fabric 

 (via Pinterest)

Grey & White stripe fabric with piping, looks so fresh paired with white paint. I love white paint, for our bench makeover I'm not painting it white [my sister will be shocked, lol] 

Here are a few fabric and paint combinations I'm considering, all them are a pattern and look amazing pared with a shade or blue/green. Since the mudroom area is open to our dining room, I want the colors to flow so I'm staying in the shades of blue / green / green tone family. 

1. I like this whimsical fabric, so fun!! I like the idea of pairing to with almost the same shade as the fabric Waterscape from Sherwin Williams, or picking up the deeper tone and using Sherwin Williams Underseas

2. I love all the tones in the Batavia Ikat fabric from Tonic Living, it would look pretty paired with the Sherwin Williams Underseas

3. I love the all the colors in the Ming Dragon-Aguamint fabric, I came across on U-Fab. I would mostly likely pair the fabric with Lagoon from Sherwin Williams 

4. The Zia Chevron print would be so much fun! My only worry is making sure I'm able to get the fabric lined up perfectly on the opening of the cushion with the base of the bench. If I go this route I might pair it with Maxi Teal from Sherwin Williams

As always before I order a bunch of fabric, I'll be ordering the fabric swatches and see how the work in our space and how durable the fabric is!! Most likely I'll use Scotch Guard on the fabric since the bench will get lots of use for the during the Fall and Winter months!

What do you think of my bench makeover plans? Any other fabric suggestions?