Painted Campaign Dresser

Yesterday, I shared to how used paint stripper to remove the old stain off our vintage campaign dresser, I found at a antique store (read more about my find here) I'm so excited to share its makeover with everyone!! It truly came out amazing oh so sleek and the best part is I love how it looks in our living room. Here's a quick reminder of how the campaign dresser looked before. The old stain on the dresser was really pretty, but worn down in several places and showing its age. Our old temporary setup was a mess. Small TV with a much of misc electronics on top, and why yes that is an old school Nintendo! My moms letting its borrow it, its the same one I played on as a kid, and still love playing it after all this years. 

I love the clean lines of the dresser an the side hardware is perfection! 

When first bought the dresser home, I was on the fence about painting the dresser or staining it a darker more richer color. Hasani really want to go white and I love a pretty white dresser so we decided to go white and I'm so glad we did. I really love how it adds some glam to our in-progress living room.

The finish on the dresser came out amazing and super shiny and glossy and very smooth. 

I decided to leave the vintage hardware as is and not spray paint it, I love that its tarnished and shows its age against the shiny white paint. The hardware its self is really heavy and is solid metal. maybe brass? 

Here's a full room view of our in progress living room. So far in our living room, we've added our twin sofas, rolled out our new rug and spray painted the metal coffee table we found via Craigslist. We also upgraded our TV size and hung it on the wall, love having a 'floating TV.' We hung the TV at sitting eye level, which feels like the perfect height while sitting. Next. I need to tackle the mess of the cords off the to left of the TV. The TV is plugged into the wall directly behing the TV, but the cords come from our internet connection and DVD player etc. 

Eventually, the TV will feel more blended in with its surroundings while remaining in plain sight. Maybe a photo gallery wall around the TV? 

For the refinishing the dresser, I decided to try something new again! Instead of using water based paint like I have in the past, I decided to use oil paint. I've only used oil paint on canvas, so this was a fun change up. Here's a quick run down of what I used on the dresser [I painted the entire dresser by hand only using one brush

  • Zissner Oil Based Primer
  • Rustoleum Oil Base Paint: Glossy White
  • Fine Grit Sandpaper, using a power sander Black and Decker
  • Purdy Paint Brush (for all types of paint) - Next time I will try natural fiber paint brush to reduce a chance of brush strokes and better application. 
  • NEXT Mineral Spirits for cleaning the brush
I really love using oil paints on the dresser, the finished is super smooth and super glossy almost like a lacquer. I feel like it takes longer to paint using oil, because of the clean up and application. It's all about small smooth stokes and working in little sections and moving to the next area and leaving it alone - no going back over it until its dry. The dry time is 24 hours between coats. The dresser took three coats of paint: one coat of primer and two coats of the Rustoluem Oil Paint. All oil based paint and stain is very fumy, make sure you work on your project in a well ventilated area. I used my garage to paint in with the garage door all the way open. I'm sure my next furniture painting project, I'll use oil paints again, and share and in-depth how to post. I'm excited to try out the All Surface Enamel oil based paint from Sherwin Williams, because I can get it mixed in several colors! 

What do you think our paint freshly painted campaign dresser?