Roman Shades (progress)

A few days ago, I shared my plans to begin working on roman shades for Avery's twin windows in his bedroom. I love the look of pattern roman shades especially in kids rooms, its such a fun way to add color and pattern in a room. However it can be pricey having custom roman shades made. My plan was to buy existing roman shades and customize them myself with fabric. Over the weekend my friend and I began working on Avery's roman shades! I seriously have such amazing friends and loved having her help with this project and the execution  it really made it so much fun & easier bouncing ideas off each other! We finished the first roman shade complete and it looks so cute & custom. 

I underestimated the amount of fabric I would need for both roman shades due to the exterior boning the roman shades have I purchased. I ordered more fabric and hopefully

  it will arrive soon and we can finish the other shade. 

I'm super excited to show you all the shade that is done and fully functional. But, first here's what the the roman shade looked like when we started. Basic white roman shades I purchased on sale from JCP. 

Here's the same roman shade now, customized with a graphic fabric. The new roman shade looks amazing and so colorful, but not in your face more like 'ahh that's really cute.' It really brightens up  his room! The top portion of the roman shade will be covered with a valance hiding the cord and head-rail, once the other roman shade is done. 

I'll share a complete 'How To' with lots of pictures of the process and a budget breakdown once we finish the other roman shade. I'm so happy I decided to customize his roman shades for his bedroom! 

What do you think so far? Have you made a roman shade before or customized one?