Life Via Instagram: July

Last month, I decided to start sharing a monthly roundup of my Instagram pictures. Months seem to go by in  a flash and this my little way of remembering these moments & sharing snippets of our day to day life [ the fun apps & filters make it that much sweeter ] This month we're getting settled into our home, and day taking little day trips with the kiddos, celebrating birthdays, learning to make homemade lattes & starting DIY projects [ hello Campaign Dresser, I'm talking about you] and more. Feel free to follow me at @mrsclh  
Row One: Making the super yummy crowd pleaser, baked Vodka Cheese Ravioli // Riding the rides in Santa Cruz // Love how Avery's bedding and Soon to be roman shades look together

Row Two: Avery sipping his milk like a big boy // Discovering my latest Starbucks Addiction [ iced vanilla lattes at home ] // Starting to refinish my campaign dresser 

Row Three: Avery laughing while watching 'The Three Little Pigs // My toddler the animal hoarder // I received this special print as a house warming gift [ thanks again Lauren!! ] 

Row One: Avery holding tight to his Lobster while riding to Santa Cruz // Super spoiled thanks to one of my girlfriends housewarming gifts a Nepresso Machine [I've wanted one for like ever] // Celebrating Hasani's birthday with yummy deep dish Chicago style pizza

Row Two: Found a forest of Fiddle Leaf Fig trees at my local Home Depot // Hasani & I enjoying margaritas // Hasani's b-day package arrived, crossing my fingers he loves it 

Row Three: Enjoying a homemade latte while I chill in bed // Our sweet little Avery taking an epic long nap // Sharing a picture of our Fiddle Leaf Fig tree [ say that three times fast, I dare you]  

Hope your month of July was amazing and busy too, I'm getting sad that Summer is pretty much over around here. Tabari starts back to school in a two weeks and then its back to the daily grind, deep sigh I miss the Summer days when I was a kid and Summer was months and months. 

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Tell me does it feel like your Summer is almost over too?