Our New not the Typical Houseplant

If your like me then you've been seeing Fiddle Leaf Fig Trees pop up all over blog land. I loved that this pretty tree wasn't the typical palm houseplant, in the pictures it looked leafy and sculptural and freaking cool. There I said it the Ficus Lyrta aka Fiddle Leaf Fig tree, is freaking cool! Several months ago (Feb 2013)  I was looking though Sunset magazine and came across this


 about chic houseplants (I know so fitting, lol) I was really intrigued about adding three houseplants to our home, one being the Fiddle Leaf Fig tree. In addition to the Fiddle Leaf Fig tree, I love the

Black Aralia

, and the 

Vriesia hieroglyphica


(image via

Sunset Magazine


Over the past few months, I've spotted a Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree at Ikea,


it looked dead. In my opinion Ikea has a great selection of plants, but its it or miss in terms it actually being alive and kicking. I wasn't actively hunting for a fiddle leaf tree, but had it in my mind one would be perfect in our house. On Sunday morning, I stop in our local Home Depot  looking for a new paint stripper for our

Campaign Dresser

, yup I just started working on refinishing it (it will be done this week and I'll share after pictures next week) Anyways, Hasani and I stopped in the house plant section when I spotted a forest of Fiddle Leaf fig trees!! 

I was 

ecstatic  because they had several to choose from and at good prices (check out my Instagram picture


) From what I've seen around the Internet they can range from affordable to crazy expensive in upwards of hundreds of dollars. Our Home Depot, had two large size ones, smaller than the one in magazines for $99 bucks. Lucky for me that had medium sizes for only $15.99, during checkout I asked if these plants had a one year warranty (they do)  because everything I've read they are hard to keep alive. 

Here are two of the tree medium size Fiddle Leaf Fig trees, I spotted while at Home Depot. All three looked pretty healthy with only a few spots on the lower leafs. 

Here's our new not the typical house plant in our home. For the time being I'm using this simple white planter, I picked up on clearance at Lowes. I love the idea of using a large woven basket instead of a basic planter, adds another later of warmth and texture. We have a large woven basket we use for Avery's toys that we picked up from Target months ago, I'm considering buying another one. But my plan is to pop into Marshall's and Home Goods this weekend because they have an amazing selection of baskets (for cheap). 

Right now, I'm in the process of finding out what area of my home our new plant will thrive & we're also dealing with a curious two year old who loves to touch. I'm trying to teach Avery to '

look with his eyes and not with his hands

' parenthood, we are deep in the trenches of toddler-dom. Here's our tree in our mudroom / laundry room, I place it in here for morning filtered light.  

I found this post from the


very helpful for learning to care of our new houseplant. I'm so looking forward to getting our living room & dining room areas more filled out in terms of style and decor and can't wait to see pretty images of our Fiddle Leaf Fig tree (like the one below) when I walk though our front door.




I'm hoping to add one more Fiddle Leaf Fig tree to our home, in our master bedroom, but only a small table top one. 

What do you think of the Fiddle Leaf Fig tree? Have you been on the hunt for a affordable one? What's your favorite houseplant?