Mailboxes Etc.

We originally planned to keep the old mailbox after the fire, but somewhere during the construction and rebuilding process they mailbox went missing. I thought adding a mailbox slot [ similar to this ] to our front door would be a cute alternative to the traditional mailbox, Hasani wasn't feeling the idea, lol. No worries, I'm the girl that always has a million backup plans in the works if my original plan doesn't work out. I checked out mail box ideas at Lowes & Home Depot, nothing really jumped out at me. Then I checked out Pottery Barn. You see there's a mailbox I've had a crush on for like forever, and yes its completely normal to have crushes on mailboxes. My crush was on the Envelope Mailbox, its just so cute and I knew it would look amazing on our house. Only catch was it was more than we wanted to spend on a mailbox $49 bucks, but as a luck would have it a few weeks before we moved into our house, it went on clearance sale!! 

The bronze mailboxes were marked down to $34.99 and thanks to additional 15% off coupon code for clearance items, I was able to buy the mailbox for $29.74!! So happy, I still had to pay taxes and shipping but in the end can't complain. Here's our new mail box, I love how well it goes with our chartreuse craftsman style front door and outdoor light fixtures and black front door hardware.  

The mailbox is actually a really good size, nice and deep. It has a magnetic closure on the inside.

At first I was tempted to spray it black, but I like how the bronze / black finish makes it appear aged, like its always been apart of our house. I plan on taking updated pictures of our house to share how its currently looking. 

That's how our mail is arriving to our house these days. Any recent updates to the outside of your home?