Flor Rug Options

For Avery's toddler room, I've been on the hunt to find the perfect grey and white stripe rug. I've checked out a slew of places [ Crate & Barrel, Rugs USA & Land of Nod & more ] none of the rugs were exactly what I was looking for. Since we have hardwood floors in our house, for his room I wanted a rug with a little extra cushion so he could roll around on the floor playing and having fun. So for those reasons I decided against a dhurrie style rug, even thugh we have one in our living room [ which we love and its just the right amount of softness ] I decided one of the best options for his bedroom, would be Flor rug tiles [ we used them before during Halloween for our entry & I planned on getting a Flor rug for his nursery but never got around to buying ] 

I was super happy when I came home and saw that my Flor Tile Samples arrived yesterday!! Getting packages in the mail always make my days happier.

Flor Rug Style, Option One: Heaven Sent 

Flor Rug Style, Option Two: Made You Look 

The top two samples are in the Flor style: Heaven Sent, colors: Titanium & Bone.  Bottom samples are in Flor style Made You Look, colors: Bright White & Grey 

I really liked both Flor rug options for Avery's room, but I'm mostly drawn to option number one. I love that its cushy underfoot, it has a nice texture and love hot well the grey titanium shade looks with the creamy bone white. I'm also in love with how option one looks with our hardwood floors. Below is a lilac & purple shade strip rug, call me in love!! I love that each floor rug tile is so large.

( via Flor )

For now, we've decided to go with a 5x7 rug options which means buying 12 tile, but I'm stilling considering buying 16 tiles, just need to map out the size in his bedroom one more time. I'm planning on having the stripes lay horizontal when you walk in his bedroom. Each tile is $14, and of course the style I plan on ordering isn't on sale right now, but the Made You Look style is [ 20% off!! ] 

One thing, I really like about using Flor tiles is the ease of cleaning up spills, just rinse off in the sink, perfect for kiddos. I'm also excited that I can add in new tiles anytime, if I feel the rug isn't big enough, talk about a plus! I'm super excited about ordering Avery's Flor rug!! I also just spied a pretty pattern, that I'm considering using in our laundry room which does double duty as our soon to be mudroom. 

Are you considering using Flor Rug Tiles in your home?