The Makings of Our Linen Cabinet

Up until a few weeks ago, I didn't really have a clear plan for our linen cabinet in the hallway. During the demo construction phase on our house, I had the cabinet moved from facing Tabari's doorway entry to facing the inside of the hallway. When we first moved into our house, I removed the old funky doors and eventually got around painting the inside and organizing it with large baskets for all my hair care products, extra towels etc. Here's how our little linen cabinet looked a while back. Read more about my old linen here

Now not we have the cabinet facing front, I had to do some re-thinking on open shelves verses full doors. I love open linen concept because it helps keep everything organize and in its place. But I did the whole set up before we had Avery at the time Tabari was only 10 and couldn't care less whats in the linen closet. Avery on the other is curious, some days he's into the anything that's not a toy is more fun phase, lol. Then it hit me, I love the glass we installed between our kitchen and laundry room, it helps create its own little space. I decided on a two do combination with the upper door being glass and the lower door wood.  

Next looked on though Google images to get some inspiration and see how it would look and firm up my ideas. I just adore how this linen cabinet looks! 

(via Custom Made)

(via Houzz)

I did a little mock up on my computer and settled on have the upper cabinet shaker style with glass panes, I'm in love with glass panes on cabinet doors & doors for that matter. For the bottom door of the linen cabinet, I decided on one solid door would work better, even though I love the idea of bottom large storage drawers. Here's my mock up.

My linen cabinet project was pretty easy since the inside of the cabinet already had drywall in, all I would need is two face frames (for the cabinet doors to rest when closed) and two cabinet doors. I did a little price comparison locally and the prices were double my budget for this little space. I found a company online called RAW Doors, they make custom doors, face frames and drawer fronts. I placed my order a few weeks ago with my custom measurements and the doors and face frame arrived on Saturday. Up until they arrived I was a little worried I measured incorrectly even though I measured three times before placing my order! Thankfully my doors and face frames arrived the exact sizes I needed and they look amazing!

I snapped these pictures using my iPhone, I'm so dependent on it! I'll take better pictures of my linen cabinet doors after they are hung using my good camera, I'm so rusty on it now! The solid wood door is leaning in front of the linen cabinet & the glass pane door is leaning in front of where the linen cabinet used to be. 

My door didn't come with glass so I'll be taking it to a glass shop this weekend and having glass inserts cut for it.  

I can't wait to see the doors hung and installed! I'm going to start looking for some pretty hardware for the doors, 'Anthro' inspired maybe? I'm also still undecided about what color to paint them. Part of my says white the other part of me thinks a medium gray would be really pretty since our home already has a lot of painted white in our house. 

Any thoughts on color?