Blue Lamps

Since buying my 'new to me' blue Ralph Lauren lamps, read more about my steal of the year here, not to brag or anything totally bragging. I've been gathering blue lamp inspiration, since I plan on using  those lovely lamps in my bedroom. I'm in the process of deciding if the lamps will be the pop of color 'focal point' in our bedroom or layered in with other shades of blue. I recently ordered some fabric swatches that caught my eye from Tonic Living and will share my bedroom ideas soon. I love this bedroom below and the amazing water color style blue lamps. I love how the lamps are layered in with the other shades of blue, aquas & all flows together with out being 'matchy-matchy.'

(via Pinterest)

Words can't describe how much I adore this bedroom!! It's amazing, I love the how in this bedroom the lamps are the pop of color and one of the standout features in the room. 

I shared this lovely bedroom a few months ago as part of my french door inspiration for our bedroom. Those blue lamps look stunning in this bedroom, lets be honest everything looks stunning in this bedroom. 

(via Pinterest)

These aqua blue lamps are the 'pow' of this room, I'm smitten with how much they pop. 

So many shades of pretty blue lamps are me getting excited to firm up some plans for our bedroom. I can't wait to share my fabric swatches and determine if they'll work in our space.  

Are you a fan of colored lamps?