Lighting Check

Another week, another round of lighting checked off my list! Last week, I shared the lighting we decided on for our Kitchen,Hallway, Mudroom, Our Doors and Avery & Tabari's bedrooms. We finally have all our lighting nailed down and purchased. Last I let off last off, we were still undecided on lighting for our bedroom, living room and dining room & bathroom. I'm back to share our lighting choices. Here's the lighting we decided on for our spaces.
Here's where our new lighting will be hanging in our home. 1. We loved this drum shade chandelier from Overstock in our room before, and decided to bring it back in. Tip: I was able to get all the lighting we purchased from Overstock with a 10% discount thanks to looking for discount codes online. 2. We have an area in our room (space between our closet/bathroom & french doors) that needs lighting, I didn't want anything hanging down looking funky from our bedroom - so after looking for a while, I came across this crystal flush mount light, that I love! I can't wait to see this beauty hung. 3. Four our living room we nixed our ceiling fan, something we were planning on doing, and decided to go with a double drum shade, you all know how much we love drum shades :) Tip: I signed up for a Lamps Plus 'new homeowner' and was able to save $20 on our lighting fixture 4. On our idea board, we had two lights we both loved, but in the end we decided to go with a more affordable option that would still sparkle a little. 5. I've been on the hung for pretty and affordable bathroom lighting, which seems nearly impossible! I finally lucked out with this darling modern retro for our master bathroom. 

I'm really excited to see how the lighting in our living room / dining room & kitchen lights will all flow together since those rooms are open to each other now that we enlarged the doorway between the living room & dining / kitchen areas. I'm hoping they all compliment each other nicely once hung. 

All of our lighting will be installed in a few days, so looking forward to seeing the house lit up. 

What's your favorite lighting fixture in your home?