Happy Lighting

This is my 1,150th post about lighting for our house, and I'm sure by now your sick of hearing about all my lighting details lol. I'm keeping this post short and sweet, Hasani, the kids and I headed over to the house to drop off two light fixtures when realized the electricians came a day early and installed all our lights! If you follow me on Instagram you already saw a few of our outdoor lights (you can also see the pics here or on my side header) Oh and the lighting I was dropping off for my bathroom, was smashed to pieces, so I'll be dealing with that today, thanks Overstock! Anyways I walked into Avery's bedroom and did a happy dance, he didn't even notice until the light, until I turned on the light on and then he joined me in a happy dance. He was starstruck and laughing and pointing at the light. 

My little toddler loves loves his lighting for his bedroom! I'm so happy I went with my gut for his bedroom, the light just makes you happy. I purchased the lighting from Land of Nod, the lighting comes with a plug, but has the option to be hardwired and includes a canopy if you choose to hard wire it. 

Next we just need to determine how long we light to hang from the ceiling. In the above picture its hard to tell, but the lighting is centered his bedroom. I can't wait to see this light in action at night. We opted to put all our bedroom lighting on dimmers again along with our living / dining lighting, so his light won't be crazy bright.

What do you think of Avery's happy lighting for his bedroom?