Our Home Rebuild: Busy Week

It's been a crazy busy week at our home! On Tuesday Hasani and I met with the electricians to go over all the electrical for our home, I'm happy to say our home will be well lit and have plenty of wall plugs thanks to 'California Code.' I'm in the process of picking at all of our lighting fixtures (except for our recessed lighting) so far I've put to ideas for our living room and dining room, in an effort not to stick up boob lights all over my house. 

In addition to our electrical work, our new roof & seamless gutters were installed. I have to admit I'm pretty much in love with our new gutters they look so sleek all around our entire roof. I'm also digging our 'designer roof' that's the style they call our shingles, love that I can say our roof is designer, lol. I'll share more details on our new roof next week. 

They have also started on our siding, the style looks great on our house. Can't wait to see it all completed and share more details about what siding we went with for our house. 

We love stooping by our home during the week and seeings the projects, its excited knowing we'll be back in our home in a few months. That's when the far part for me at least begins, decorating :) Next week, I'll share the details on our siding & roofing choices.